Our Dedicated Team of Professionals

At Aboud Health Group, we are proud of our exceptional team of medical professionals who are dedicated to providing outstanding care for our patients.


Ely Sammour serves as the Clinic Manager at Aboud Health Group (AHG), bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. With dual Master’s Degrees in Nursing and Health Management from ESA, affiliated with John Hopkins University, Ely has a strong foundation in the healthcare industry that enables him to address complex healthcare-related challenges.

Ely’s academic qualifications are complemented by his nine years of management experience in the insurance sector, where he successfully oversaw the operations of over 100 employees. This background has honed his exceptional leadership and management skills, making him an invaluable asset to AHG.

Fluent in English, French, and Arabic, Ely possesses the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals. He also has a working knowledge of Nihongo and Hebrew. Ely’s dedication, extensive knowledge, and experience in healthcare, management, and languages make him an integral part of the AHG team.
Stacey, a seasoned Medical Office Assistant at AHG, embarked on her healthcare journey in 2004, after graduating from Medix College. With nearly two decades of experience in healthcare settings, Stacey brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of patient care to our team.

In addition to her primary qualification, Stacey furthered her skills by completing her Phlebotomy diploma in 2004 and an Injections diploma in 2021. These credentials allow her to offer comprehensive medical assistance in various situations, enhancing the quality of care we provide at AHG.

Fluent in English, Stacey is passionate about healthcare and committed to promoting wellness for everyone she assists. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Stacey extends her compassion and dedication to the community by volunteering at local food banks and homeless shelters. When she isn’t serving others, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones

Stacey La France - Medical Office Assistant



Suheera Syed is a highly skilled and compassionate Medical Office and Lab Assistant at Aboud Health Group (AHG). She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences, with an Honors Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences and a minor in Psychology, from the University of Western Ontario. Suheera’s educational background emphasizes a holistic and empathetic approach to understanding individual human experiences.

In addition to her academic achievements, Suheera has acquired certifications in phlebotomy and intramuscular injections from CIMT College. She has also devoted her time as an Emergency Medical Responder at COVID vaccination clinics and on her university’s campus, holding a Red Cross EMR certification. Her areas of expertise include medical record management, administering immunizations, and fostering a positive work environment. Suheera’s passion for helping others drives her to work diligently, continually learn, and use her skills to make a positive impact on the community.

Fluent in English and proficient in French, Urdu, and Hindi, Suheera is able to effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients. In her spare time, she enjoys cosmetics, cooking, painting, nurturing her faith, and spending quality time with her family.
Maribel Batac, often referred to as Bhelle by her friends and colleagues, is a dedicated Medical Office Assistant and Medical Laboratory Technician at Aboud Health Group (AHG). She brings over two decades of experience to the clinic, having completed her education at Oxford College in 2019.

Maribel is highly skilled in phlebotomy and intramuscular injections, and holds esteemed certifications from the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO) and Springfield College of Continuing Education. As a fluent speaker of English and Tagalog, Maribel is able to effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients, ensuring they receive personalized and compassionate care.

Outside of work, Maribel enjoys indulging in her hobbies of singing and cooking. She is committed to continuous learning and personal development, embracing constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth.





Barbie Flores serves as a dedicated Medical Assistant at Aboud Health Group. She earned her Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Diploma from CDI College and holds the MLPAO Certification, reinforcing her competence in medical laboratory procedures.


Further enriching her skill set, Barbie successfully completed her Intramuscular Injection Workshop at CIMT College. She is proficient in administering intramuscular injections and phlebotomy, thereby broadening the range of medical services she can offer at AHG.


Fluent in both English and Tagalog, Barbie is effective in communicating with a diverse patient population. Her areas of expertise include administering injections, performing phlebotomy, and assisting in general patient care.


Beyond her professional responsibilities, Barbie takes great pleasure in enriching her life through drawing and gardening. Her hobbies not only offer her a creative outlet but also reflect her commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle

Michelle Hernandez, a skilled and compassionate Medical Assistant at AHG, commenced her healthcare career by earning a degree in dental assisting from Anderson College. With a specialized hands-on experience in dental care, she has cultivated a robust skill set that she applies in her current role.


Further enhancing her credentials, Michelle pursued additional training at Anderson College, where she achieved HARP Certification. Her years of diverse experience in the medical field have made her a valuable asset to the AHG team, contributing to the optimal care and well-being of our patients.


Michelle is proficient in both English and Spanish, enabling her to connect with a wide variety of patients. Her commitment to excellence and compassionate care is evident in every interaction.


Outside the clinic, Michelle enjoys the simple pleasures of life, including spending quality time with her family, caring for her four-legged friend, indulging in movie nights, and exploring the art of baking.


With a rich blend of experience, dedication, and warmth, Michelle Hernandez serves as a vital member of the AHG team, continually striving to provide top-tier medical assistance and personalized care. Her unique combination of dental expertise and medical proficiency makes her a multifaceted professional who enriches our practice.